Our liner can be used to improve durability and protection in a variety of conditions.

Millenium Spay-On Liners can be used as a durable and protective coating for a vast array of surfaces and can be utilized in almost any situation where there is a need for surface protection.

The spray-on liner bonds to any surface including metal, wood, cement, ceramic, and fiberglass and is durable in virtually all temperature ranges. Depending on the use, the spray-on textures range from rubbery and slip-proof to slippery, anti-stick surfaces.

Automotive Applications for Pick-Up Trucks and all Types of Vehicles

Millenium Bedliners are strong and durable and ideal for protecting the cargo bed of a pick-up truck or dump truck or the interior cargo area of a van or trailer. The liners also act as noise and vibration insulators, reducing road noise and vibration, creating a smoother and quieter ride. Remove the floor mats and spray the entire floor of the interior of the vehicle, creating a tough and water resistant coating.

From residential to commercial vehicles, Millenium Liners are water, chemical and rust resistant and can be used for various automotive applications.

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Commercial Applications for Dump Trucks, Construction Vehicles, Trailers and Cargo Vans

The Millenium Liner can be applied with a smooth texture that is extremely slippery so it can be used for applications on dump truck and industrial truck beds. The liner can withstand temperatures up to 1500 degrees without damage. The Millenium Liner can protect the surface of a trailer bed from hauling the heaviest and sharpest equipment and materials.

Trailer beds sprayed with Millenium Liner are protected from everything from snow blowers to landscaping equipment. Spray the textured Millenium Liner inside cargo vans to keep items and materials from sliding and damaging the vehicle.  In addition, the interior will be protected from any harsh chemicals or solutions that may spill.

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Marine Applications for All Types of Watercraft

The Millenium Spray-On Liner can also be used for various marine-related applications.  The durable waterproof coating protects from abrasions, dents and scratches, provides skid-resistance, and protection from the decay of salt water and chemicals.

Apply the Millenium Spray-On protective coating to boat and ship hulls. It is a strong and durable coating for aluminum, fiberglass and wooden boats. It can be used on sailboats, cargo ships, motor boats, kayaks, canoes, and any type of watercraft. The Millenium Spray-On Liner increases the value and longevity of your vessel.

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Residential Applications

The Millenium Spray-On Liner can be used for various residential needs. The protective coating can help reduce noise, insulate, waterproof and enhance your home – indoors and out. The coating can be applied to garage floors, basements, stairs, epoxy floors, patios, decks, fences, railings, swing sets, patio furniture and much more!

The spray-on coating creates a high gloss shine that can beautify and protect any flooring.  Outdoor items are protected from chemicals and corrosion and the elements of all types of weather. The Millenium Spray-On Liner can protect your possessions, save you money and enhance your home.

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Our Sealers Can Protect Masonry

Millenium Spray-On Sealers can be applied to all types of masonry to create a complete moisture and corrosion-proof barrier that dries to a diamond-hard finish.

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