The Millenium Spray-On Liner can also be used for various marine-related applications.

The durable waterproof coating protects from abrasions, dents and scratches, provides skid-resistance, and protection from the decay of salt water and chemicals.  It also increases the value and longevity of your vessel.

All Types of Watercraft

Apply the Millenium Spray-On protective coating to boat and ship hulls. It is a strong and durable coating for aluminum, fiberglass and wooden boats. It can be used on sailboats, cargo ships, motor boats, kayaks, canoes, and any type of watercraft.

Boat Interiors

It can also provide a strong and non-skid surface to boat steps, ramps and cabin floors. The coating is tough and flexible, providing waterproof protection and resistance to dents, scratches and chemical damage.

Boat Trailers

Sprayed on boat trailers the waterproof coating is chemical and rust resistant.  It is guaranteed to last the life of your trailer, even in the most extreme temperatures and launching conditions.

Millenium Spray-On Liners will protect and prolong the life and beauty of your boat.