Millenium Spray-On Sealers can be applied to all types of masonry.

Use it to create a complete moisture and corrosion-proof barrier that dries to a diamond-hard finish. These spray-on sealers ensure that any patio, deck or walkway will be protected against the harsh elements of weather, temperature, chemicals, cracks and damage.

Millenium Sealers provide the strength and protection needed to create a durable, strong and water-proof seal on the following commercial or residential applications:



Landscaping Walls




Stone or concrete stoops and steps

Millenium Spray-On Sealants are quick-drying, easy to apply and even easier to maintain. These sealers may be used on any masonry and concrete surface. These sealants create a strong and watertight barrier and can also be used to fill cracks, holes and pitted areas of the concrete or pavers.

Millenium Spray-On Sealants provides a durable, easy-to-clean finish that can be customized into a variety of non-skid finishes for most patios, walkways and decks. This clear sealant is a durable and strong barrier protecting against cracks, water, temperature, impact, abrasion and chemical damage.  Use Millenium Spray-On Sealants today to protect all of your investments.

Millenium has a reliable inventory of long lasting, penetrating, and waterproof sealers with an extensive and well-proven history of quality and performance. Preserve the look of all your outdoor masonry projects with a Millenium Spray-On Sealant today.

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