Millenium Spray-On Liners can be used as a durable and protective coating for a vast array of surfaces.

It can be utilized in almost any situation where there is a need for surface protection. The spray-on liner bonds to any surface including concrete, metal, wood, cement, ceramic, and fiberglass and is durable in virtually all temperature ranges. Depending on the use, the spray-on textures range from rubbery and slip-proof to slippery, anti-stick surfaces.

The Millenium Spray-On Liner can be used for various residential needs. The protective coating can help reduce noise, insulate, waterproof and enhance your home – indoors and out.

Indoor Uses

Indoors, the Millenium Spray-On Liner can be applied to garage floors, foundations, basements, bathrooms, stairs, epoxy floors, railings and more. The spray-on coating creates a high gloss shine that can beautify and protect any flooring, while still keeping a skid-resistant surface.

Outdoor Uses

Outdoors, Millenium Spray-On Liner may be applied to patios, decks, fences, swing sets, outdoor furniture, sheds and much more! Outdoor items are protected from chemicals and corrosion and the elements of all types of weather. It can also be applied to walkways, driveways and to create a no-slip surface for handicapped accessible ramps.

The Millenium Spray-On Liner can protect your possessions, save you money and beautify and enhance your home.

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