Rust Treatment

Millenium BedLiner offers strong and highly effective rust treatment products that can remove existing rust and prevent future corrosion. This product is easily applied and eliminates the need for any sanding, blasting, grinding or scraping. After the product is applied and the rust is removed, it creates a durable protective barrier that reduces the potential of future rust or corrosion.

This industrial strength rust treatment product is perfect for all marine, household, automotive, and industrial rust problems. In addition to removing existing rust and decay, it seals out moisture and protects against future corrosion.

This unique product is easy to apply and directions should be followed for the most effective results. The product is applied in several steps. During the first phase, after removing any loose dirt, paint, debris or rust, you apply the rust converter (with a brush or roller) to the rusted surface. Apply a second coat after about 30 minutes and let dry. Through an innovative chemical conversion process, rust and corrosion will wear away.

The product will be completely dry within 24 hours and if necessary, can then be cleaned with soap and water. The rust converter will dry to a durable black matte finish when applied to rusted surfaces and remain clear when applied over non-rusted metal or other coatings. If necessary, the surface may be finely sanded or safely painted at this point.

Try this innovative rust treatment product on any rusted surface or equipment that you have. You will be more than satisfied with the results!